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Aire del Mar
SELF-CATER/ B&B - All rooms facing the sea; conveniently located near shark-cage diving. Private, well-appointed and spacious rooms
Crayfish Lodge
5-STAR - A modern-styled Manor on the seafront. Plush and stylish decor, private balcony, panoramic ocean views and heated swimming pool
Mosaic Private Sanctuary
A hidden gem woven into an ancient Milkwood grove on the Hermanus Lagoon. All inclusive, private suites with gourmet meals and activities
White Shark Projects
shark-cage diving - exploration and conservation
Grootbos 5-Star Private Reserve   27283848000
Sunset View Self-Cater   27645002632
Nell's B&B   27283840248
Raka Wine
wines grown and made in the cape floral kingdom

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GANSBAAI is 35-minutes to Hermanus - view map
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